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Royal Enfield Himalayan Accessories List: Everything You Need For A Touring

Royal Enfield Himalayan Accessories List: Everything You Need For A Touring

The thrill of going a long distance on a motorcycle is a thrill understood by not that many. But those who do enjoy it know the importance of accessorizing your motorcycle to make the most of the trip. The Royal Enfield Himalayan is one of the most famous choices among bikers to go on long tours and as soon as it came out, the comfort it offers along with the reliability and technical prowess quickly made it one of the most love motorcycles for the long haul.

Needless to say, being prepared for a long-distance ride is the number one thing to do before starting out. We’ve compiled a list of some of the accessories you need for the Royal Enfield Himalayan 650 to make sure you’re all comfortable and ready to go on the road.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Accessories List: Everything You Need For A Touring

royal enfield himalayan accessories list

Pillion Footrest

Especially for riders who like to have a little bit of company on the road, a pillion footrest is a must. The comfort that comes with it and the stability it provides to the pillion rider is unlike anything else. Riding is all about comfort and safety, even for the ones joining you on your journey. And thus, getting a pillion footrest for your Royal Enfield Himalayan 650 is an absolute need for the long journey.

You can get the ADV Tribe Pillion Rest For the Royal Enfield Bikes here.

Radiator Guard

A Radiator Guard is one of the most important investments you’ll make for your RE Himalayan, and it is one that’ll keep your motorcycle protected from a lot of things. The radiator is susceptible to a lot of damage due to its softcore and it can suffer from leaks, holes, and other damages that can get very expensive to fix. Radiator Guards help avoid these issues by preventing the road debris and other material from hitting your radiator. And it does not affect the performance of your bike at all!

Get the ADV Tribe Radiator Guard for the Royal Enfield Himalayan here:

Headlight Guard

The first thing that faces any damage on your motorcycle is the headlights, due to their placement. The need to protect them from any debris, stones, sticks, or any other unneeded material is strong, especially in the long haul. The headlight guard does exactly this and the best part is that they’re super easy to install and require next to no maintenance. It’s much more cost-effective to replace the headlight guard than the actual headlights. If required, keep an extra one with you on the road just in case.

The ADV Tribe Headlight Guard for the Royal Enfield Himalayan is available here:

Saddle Stay

So we’ve spoken about all the things you need to fit on to your bike for a comfortable ride, but what about your own comfort and convenience? You need to carry some personal stuff with you on the long journey, and you’ll require to put these in bags. Now, carrying these bags on your back is not the most comfortable option for you. That’s why you get the saddle stay for your Royal Enfield Himalayan 650 to help carry all the extra yet important weight with you.

Get the ADV Tribe Saddle Stay for your Royal Enfield Himalayan.

Crash Guard

Motorcycle riding, as fun as it is, can be a little dangerous at times especially when you go on new adventures and aren’t familiar with the roads. We suggest that you get all the safety gear on your body to stay safe and sound. Apart from your own body, it’s also necessary to protect your motorcycle’s body. That’s where the crash guard comes into your help.

The ADV Tribe Crash Guard for your Royal Enfield Himalayan

These are some of the accessories you will need to make sure you’re all comfortable and set to go on your next adventure with your precious Royal Enfield Himalayan. Of course, there are other accessories available on ADV Tribe to make your ride more smooth like the Phone Mount, Handlebar Raisers, and much more. Visit the RE Himalayan page on our website to see what you can get to upgrade your adventure!

Have a great journey and always remember to stay safe. Come, be part of the ADV Tribe, and show the world your true, adventurous side.

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